About Me

As a recently upgraded engineer from a novice, it’s like going from Level 0 to Level 5.

I have been working for a moderate amount of time, around five years, and have also mentored some juniors.

During my time in school, I believed that the way my programming teacher taught was awful, I believe that I can do better if I were him.

I am familiar with C# and Java (which are used at work) and Python was self taught.

And here is my LeetCode Personal Profile.

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2022.07.12 Updated copy button, hope that may help!

2022.07.21 Now you can contact me by Messenger directly (your personal account or guest account)

2023.05.02 🧡We celebrate our first anniversary ! ! !🧡

Contact Me

Mail : zyrastory@gmail.com

FaceBook : Zyrastory 程式美食研究中心 | Facebook

  "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard "

Services We Provide

  • Free programming consultation for questions related to C#, Java, Python 3, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, and more. We may consider other languages based on our team’s capabilities.
  • Friendly website links (subject to review; we understand the challenges faced by new creators).
  • Ad space for rent (to afford our hosting costs)