【Xinyi District】Delicious food hidden in the alley – Isshintei Ramen

Visit date : 2022/05/21

Price : TWD 250 ~ 350 (USD 8.5 ~ 11.8) / per person

(2022/05/25 – 1 TWD ≈ 0.034 USD)

Restaurant Information

Address : No. 50, Ln. 325, Zhuangjing Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City

Opening Time :

  • Weekdays 11:00~14:00、17:00~20:00
  • Weekend 11:30~14:00、17:00~20:00

Telephone Number : (02) 8786-1093

Facebook : 一真亭ラーメン | Facebook

Just seven/eight minutes walk from MRT Taipei 101/World Trade Center Station.

Dining experience


Environment -  red signboard

⬆The red signboard is quite obvious.

indoor environment

⬆The restaurant does not have many seats.


The menu is mainly divided into 3 areas

  • red (spicy)
  • white (classic)
  • black (burned garlic)

And each has three sets that can be chosen

  1. Tonkotsu Ramen (a piece of barbecued pork, a piece of seaweed, shallots, sesame seeds)
  2. Barbecued pork Ramen (three pieces of barbecued pork, a piece of seaweed, shallots, sesame seeds)
  3. Soft-boiled egg Ramen (a piece of barbecued pork, a soft-boiled egg, a piece of seaweed, shallots, sesame seeds)
Menu - 1
Menu - 2
Menu - 3
Menu on the wall

⬆You can choose different kinds of ramen noodles according to your preference.

⭐⭐⭐Classic – Barbecued pork Ramen $220 (≈USD 7.5)

Classic - Barbecued pork Ramen

The ramen soup is rich but not too greasy, you can easily finish the whole bowl.

And the barbecued pork is a little bit fat, but smelled so good !

( with thin ramen noodles )

Burned garlic- Barbecued pork Ramen + soft-boiled egg $250 + 30 (≈USD 9.5)

Burned garlic- Barbecued pork Ramen + soft-boiled egg

My friend ordered the above dish. The soup had some burned garlic oil.

It tasted not bad, but I am slightly disappointed (not enough flavor).

🧡🧡🧡Barbecued pork rice (medium-sized) $60 (≈USD 2) / $80 (with a $40 drink)

Barbecued pork rice (medium-sized)

It looks so awesome, am I right?

The aroma of the barbecued pork filled the air.

Look at the generous portion of meat !

doctor strange with barbecued pork rice🧡

This was what I felt when I had finished the dish.

Tamagoyaki (Japanese Omelette) $30

Tamagoyaki (Japanese Omelette)

That’s just average. It seemed to be taken straight out from the refrigerator.


This is a restaurant I will visit again and recommend to everyone.

🧡What I like

  • Barbecued pork rice (no need to explain, it is perfect)
  • good value for money
  • the hardness of the Ramen can be adjusted
  • within walking distance from the subway station
  • the waiters in the restaurant are Japanese, and the food is authentic

❌Room for improvement

  • the flavor of burned garlic oil is bland
  • have few seats

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