【Zhongshan District】Kyoto Yuzu Tonkotsu Ramen Research Center – Zhongshan Main Store

Visit date : 2022/09/17

Price : TWD 300 ~ 400 (USD 10 ~ 13) / per person

Restaurant Information

Name : Kyoto Yuzu Tonkotsu Ramen Research Center – Zhongshan Main Store

Address : No. 23, Aly. 2, Ln. 19, Chang’an W. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City

Opening Time :

  • 11:30~14:30 、17:00–20:30

Telephone Number : (02)2563-0689

Facebook : 京都柚子豚骨拉麵研究中心 中山本店 | Facebook

Just two minutes walk from MRT Zhongshan Station.

Dining experience

We went to Zhongshan Station to visit the One Piece pop-up store. Before exploring the store, we decided to find dinner. Since we were in Zhongshan, it was the perfect opportunity to look for ramen, as Zhongshan Station is known as the “Ramen Battlefield“.

We chose the restaurant that was recommended this time, partly because we haven’t tried it before and partly because we were curious about the ramen with yuzu flavor.


Environment (1/2)

⬆ When I left around 6 pm, people were already queuing for the restaurant.

Environment (2/2)

⬆ The Chinese words below ‘Good Morning‘ mean ‘Thank you for coming‘. It’s quite interesting, isn’t it?

three toppings

The three condiments provided on the table are shichimi togarashi (seven spice powder), yuzu kosho (yuzu chili paste), and yuzu kosho salt.


❌This picture was taken from the official FB page, but as of September 1st, 2022, it seems that the prices have increased by around 20 dollars for all the ramen dishes.

Menu (1/2)
Menu (2/2)

We found that many menu items were not available that day, and only pork broth with yuzu flavor, black pork broth, and red pork broth were left. (We strongly suspect that their barbecued pork was sold out quickly.)

Yuzu pork broth Ramen – Japanese Style + Burdock Tempura, Baby Corn Tempura, and Soft Boiled Egg. TWD$340(≈USD 11.1)

Yuzu pork broth Ramen - Japanese Style + Burdock Tempura, Corn Shoots Tempura, and Soft Boiled Egg

The ramen I ordered came with added extras, including 20 pieces of crispy and delicious burdock tempura and 5 pieces of baby corn tempura (10 dollars per piece).

Now, onto the main attraction: the soup.

Wait, where’s the yuzu? I couldn’t taste any yuzu flavor in the soup at all, which was dominated by the Japanese-style pork bone broth. Only a few sips towards the end had a hint of yuzu, but it was too little too late.

Yuzu pork broth Ramen – Japanese Style + Soft Boiled Egg. TWD$270(≈USD 8.8)

In this bowl, you can clearly see a large ball of yuzu pepper sauce.

However, even after my friend mixed it in, the taste of yuzu in the broth wasn’t very pronounced. (Seems like it’s not just me 😅)

🧡🧡🧡Barbecued pork rice (medium-sized) TWD$50(≈USD 1.6)

Barbecued pork rice (medium-sized)

When it was served, the sight of that iron bowl reminded me of the nutritious lunches we had in elementary school ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ

The barbecued pork’s charred aroma, coupled with the mayonnaise, created a sweet and savory combination that was quite appetizing.


Overall, it felt pretty good. Both the char siu and the noodles themselves were up to par.

However, it’s a pity that the richness of the Japanese-style broth seemed to overpower the yuzu flavor. (Next time, I’ll try the Taiwanese-style broth.)

As for additional toppings, I recommend the deep-fried burdock root. As for the half-boiled egg, it depends on personal preference.

If given the chance, I would definitely visit again.


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