Executing Tasks on Application Startup in C# ASP.NET MVC

What happened

In my recent C# MVC project, I need to pre-schedule a job (currently exploring the Quartz.NET library for this, and I’ll share more with everyone if I get the chance).

Based on my past experience, I’ve typically used the built-in Windows Task Scheduler to execute jobs.

However, this time, I need to launch the job on the same server as the entire application.


To achieve the execution at startup, it’s actually quite straightforward. You need to locate the Global.asax file and write the action you want to execute within the Application_Start method.

In my case, I needed to set up the schedule within this method.

        protected void Application_Start()
             XXX //things that you want to do while start up

Exactly, it’s that simple. You can perform the necessary actions when the application starts within its lifecycle.


When you need to perform specific tasks at the startup of your C# MVC project, you can utilize the Application_Start method within the Global.asax file. This is a simple and effective approach that allows you to easily execute the required actions within the application’s lifecycle.

Additionally, it’s a good practice to keep documentation and notes to facilitate easy reference and sharing of your knowledge in the future.

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