【Xinyi District】Katsumasa – Fried Pork Chop x Softshell Crab

Visit date : 2023/10/06 Dinner

It’s autumn again, the perfect season for indulging in crab dishes.

At the end of September, while at Hong Kong airport, I spotted softshell crab cuisine and made up my mind to return to Taiwan and invite some friends to enjoy softshell crab together.

After some research, I was surprised to find out that even the pork cutlet shop is selling softshell crab. So, that’s how today’s plan came about.

Restaurant Information

Address : B2., No. 8, Sec. 5, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City

Opening Time :

  • Sunday to Thursday: 11:00 AM – 9:30 PM
  • Friday, Saturday, and the day before national holidays: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Telephone Number :  (02)-2722 0178

Official Website : 慕里諾餐飲股份有限公司 Mulino International

Menu(without softshell crab) : 慕里諾餐飲股份有限公司 Mulino International

Dining experience


⬆️ As you can see, right at the entrance, there’s a sign advertising the seasonal event – Autumn Softshell Crab! It’s incredibly exciting and makes one look forward to it!


Three complimentary side dishes are provided: pickled radish, Korean kimchi, and marinated burdock.

❤️❤️❤️Crispy Fried Softshell Crab, Shrimp Cutlet, and Fried Pork Chop Combo $530

Absolutely, a whole softshell crab!

The other two pieces are a shrimp cutlet and a fried pork chop.

Here’s a close-up of the softshell crab!

It’s wonderfully crispy and crunchy, quite delightful, and it certainly satisfies the cravings of any softshell crab enthusiast. Additionally, the shrimp cutlet is perfect for dipping in the middle.

⭐⭐⭐Katsumasa Signature Special Set $450

The jumbo fried shrimp is incredibly meaty with each bite, and it feels like the shrimp is leaping right in front of me.

Additionally, the complimentary Japanese egg custard that comes with the meal is quite delicious.

For an additional $60, you can upgrade your meal to include a beverage and a dessert.

Basque Cheesecake


The fried pork chop is customizable and delicious, and the miso soup is excellent and refillable. The highlight, however, is that I’m completely satisfied with the softshell crab! (If my wallet wasn’t so limited, I’d order even more softshell crabs…)

But how about having a softshell crab series during crab season in the fall? It’s such a great idea.

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